I read this article yesterday. Entitled “Normcore: Fashion for Those Who Realize They’re One in 7 Billion”, the long & short of it is that dressing like Jerry Seinfeld circa The Contest is now totally on-trend. Get rid of your Gucci, burn your Balenciaga & see you in hell, Marc Jacobs! Forget mixing high & low, today’s tastemakers are busting out the plain white off-brand Keds & ill-fitting dad shirts.

Never one to disregard a trend – particularly if it’s one that I can pull off for ten bucks or less at the Sally Ann – I went to work today in my normcore best: baggy jeans, slightly too-short plain black t-shirt, and souvenir zip-up hoodie.

Only problem was that I didn’t feel so fashionable. Rather, I felt like a complete slob, although that may have been owing more to the fact that I was also too lazy to wash my hair, choosing instead to slick it back into what I can only assume was an on-trend low ponytail.

“Man, this outfit is so normcore,” I observed to my SO, who visibly cringed.

“Please don’t ever use that word again,” he replied.

Maybe not all of us are ready to admit that we’re just one in seven billion, that we’re not all beautiful & unique snowflakes. Until then, my mock turtlenecks & oversize windbreakers are staying in the “I’ve given up” section of my closet.

(photo credit Amy Lombard for New York Magazine)


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